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New Einfach Deck for DUCF 2011

Yes, we will have a new deck design and by the skin of our teeth. What’s cool about this deck is that I designed it on the plane ride into Detroit. But it doesn’t stop there! Wait, there’s more! See the show starts tomorrow morning and as a living example of how quickly Einfach Skate can turn around a product, we will have it at the show fully printed and ready for you to buy by morning (and by we I mean, Dan Nixon)pussy_post. Be the first to buy this bad-ass deck!

Einfach will be selling at the Grinds of March.

Grinds of March

Grinds of March

Word on the street is that Einfach will be sponsoring a bad-ass skater making his debut for Einfach at this show. Don’t fucking miss it.

Oh and buy our decks at the show cause a huge portion of the sales is going to be donated to the A2 skatepark fund.

HARVEST by haroshi “Skate & Destroy” exhibition

HARVEST by haroshi “Skate & Destroy” exhibition

Such fantastic usage of old skate decks.

A new 3D desktop to go with our latest deck.

1. Install this as your desktop.
2. Get some 3D glasses and stare at it.
3. Change your pants.
4. Buy the deck.

Download it here

Einfach is going 3D

Yeah, you will need 3D glasses to get the full effect.

Holiday Baar Bazaar TONIGHT! http://tinyurl.com/yky4kg4 check it out! Einfach is bringing the new design in 3D, so bring some glasses and some cash.

We will also have 3 blank longboards waiting to be ordered. We’re gonna take special orders on these and it’s doubtful they will last long.

See you tonight!